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We are dedicated to showcasing all kinds of literature ranging from poetry and stories to fan fiction and non-English literature. We will maintain somewhat of a quality control, but we won't be too picky.

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For now, you can submit as much as you'd like except to the Critique Me and Theme Month folders. You can submit to the Critique me folder once a week and the Theme Month folder once a month as the theme changes. Please submit to the right folders or we will deny the submission and ask you to submit again.


We will not tolerate any kind of bullying in our group. That will result in an immediate ban. If you are being harassed by another member, message the admins with a link to the messages and we will ban them.



Group Info

A group dedicated to showcasing quality literature of any kind, including fan fiction and non-English literature. We we will host contests and have a monthly theme to get your creative juices flowing.
Founded 7 Years ago
May 5, 2011


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342 Members
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Mature Content

Poetry-Traditional Forms
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Autonomy by Kiyo-Poetry
Autumnal Royalty by Kiyo-Poetry
Curtain of Sound by Kiyo-Poetry
Path of Life by Kiyo-Poetry


Carnacki: Soul Hunter - Unfinished TV Pilot by SavageScribe Carnacki: Soul Hunter - Unfinished TV Pilot :iconsavagescribe:SavageScribe 3 0 Screenwriting Made Very Easy 1 - Proper Formatting by SavageScribe Screenwriting Made Very Easy 1 - Proper Formatting :iconsavagescribe:SavageScribe 40 13
I Am Axel (A Poem about discovering my Fursona)
***Hello again, many people remember that read my work titled “Much Love”, that at MWFF 2014, I went to a panel where I discovered more about myself.
That same night, mere hours after I got home, I had a dream about “Axel”.
This was the dream I had about myself and discovering Axel, my fursona.
I hope you enjoy. :D
“I am Axel”
Its dark,
Midnight black.
Where am I?
That noise,
Could it be...sobbing?
Forward I go,
Deeper into the darkness,
Further and further within myself,
Until I come face-to-face
With the source of the sobbing.
Its dimly lit,
But I can see myself.
I am sitting on a wooden chair,
Carved into it are the words I used to think of myself:
Dumb, useless, clumsy, walked-on, clipped, hurt...
My hands over my eyes,
slouched forward;
the sobs swell.
That was me.
The me they’ve hurt.
The me they’ve tortured with taunts.
The me they’ve ignored.
:iconnursal1060:nursal1060 3 11
Dying Embers Prologue
Dying Embers Prologue
The pain-bringer would come again.
The pain came in waves one upon the next.
Something in her called out to the points of light she could feel through the suffering; points that she could never see or touch.
There was awareness, a deep understanding that there was more than this never ending cycle of pain and fear. That something should be filling the deep aching emptiness inside of her. There was awareness, but little more.
:iconbetty-adams:Betty-Adams 0 0
Winter love
Twilight on the California beach,
the soft cry of seagulls fill the air.
Sand crabs dance beneath my feet,
as the low lure of the waves draw me in.
Hand gliding through the surf- flowing
with the strength of the deep- grasping
unto the tip of a feather.
That is when I remember you the most,
your frantic scream breaking me from my daydreams.
“Are you crazy lady? It is thirty degrees!”
Those words, they continue to run their course.
Stepping from the ocean, blackbird feather in hand,
I turn to look at you, to see that dumb founded gaze.
“You don’t know the half of it.” I laughed.
Winters are unlike summers, where
summers have flings, a couple months of
momentary kisses that never linger longer than
unexpected pregnancies.
Winter however, brings less of a bitter sting.
or so I thought until you entered my life.
Your eyes were always in a bubble of adoration,
like a loyal dog gleaming up at his master.
You became my best friend, fingers entwined.
In time, we w
:iconchristianonfire7:Christianonfire7 14 19
FFM 12: The Choice
My hands gingerly rub over the roundness of my belly, to lovingly stroke the bareness of my flesh. Leaning back against my beach chair I stare absently out at the ocean's tide. Recalling the words from earlier this morning that the Doctor told me in a sorrow coated tone. "I need you to understand that the chances of you both living are very slim. Either you won't make it without taking the chemo or the baby will die by you taking the chemo. I am suppose to advise you to get an abortion so you can get on treatment as soon as possible."
I watched him grow still. I instantly took it as my cue to speak up. "What do you think I should do?"
His eyes clouded as he lifted a hand and rubbed his temples. "I don't know…”
I shake the memory from my mind then silently I move my eyes down to my baby bump and smile softly. "Don't worry baby, mommy will always keep you safe." I whisper tenderly. Out of the corner of my eye I catch the movement of his lean, tall body moving my way. Turning
:iconchristianonfire7:Christianonfire7 3 4
I am
I am…
Four words to a page,
Snowflakes on car windows.
Daggers welded by the draw of a tongue,
Fire flickering on sun tanned skin.
I am…
Blades of grass blowing in the wind,
Tidal waves swallowing islands in my wake.
An ember dying for the very first-last time,
Stainless cotton candy clouds-
-floating in the dreams of the innocent.
I am…
Gunfire, birthing a war,
Heated words molding lovers into haters.
Truths crafted into lies,
Life crammed into death.
I am…
Secret kisses, tamed embraces,
Hidden lovers with hurricane force winds –love-.
Two souls entwined by fate, never to part.
Lovers mark, lovers grip,
I am…
Words created by the broken heart,
Fairy-tails brought on by a child’s mind.
A lovesick teenager’s emotions spewed onto a page.
I am every escape and every release.
I am…
This poem,
Your poem,
Every poem that was,
and every poem that will ever be.
I am….<
:iconchristianonfire7:Christianonfire7 8 3
Writing Effective Dialogue
We've all struggled through figuring out how to write dialogue that not only gets the information out there, but also helps build characters or advance the plot.  There are tons of books and blogs out there on the topic, too.  But just reading about it doesn't do much good if we're not ready to try it out.  Give it a go and see what other people think.  But let's start with the basics.
What is Effective Dialogue?
Dialogue that's written well will reveal character traits, add to the tension and suspense, helps cut down on text walls of description and of course, advances your plot.  One of the most important things to keep in mind when you're writing dialogue is that in fiction, your reader doesn't want to read all the mundane things we say on a regular basis.  So if it's not moving the plot or adding to your character's personality, you should think about cutting it completely.
What do I mean by reveals character traits?
:iconinknalcohol:inknalcohol 458 183
Warm Guaridans chapter 5 Day two : The Heiress
Warm guardians chapter 5  Day two: The Heiress or the Dentist?
I found myself staring at the ceiling the night was still young the moon seemed unnaturally bright tonight but I did not care, I had taken advantage of Tooth after killing her boyfriend.  What am I ? How could I live with myself after that Tooth said I was a good person but after what I did I was not so sure.
I needed to know more about her, to help get past our tension but the only thing I knew about her was her love for teeth and her dead crush Jack Frost who obviously could not help him out in this situation. I glanced back at Tooth curled in a blanket on the floor. It must be nice to sleep, but the dead do not dream.
This is as close as we get.
I pulled out Zinc's brain and took a bite, and gasped as the bright light brought me inside the memory.
I'm Zinc Collins I'm thirteen years old, I just home from school a fresh bruise
:iconfirecrystal1092:firecrystal1092 2 0
Camo girl chapter 11: The impossible Dream
Camo Girl: Chapter 11:
Lance was starting to get worried, he did not want Cameron to get hurt. He glared down at Cameron’s mask and grasped it with his hands as if he had found a treasure. The training grounds were in sambas pieces or wood medial  and wire were lying on the ground burned from Comanditka’s energy balls.
“I Am sorry about what happened I should have been there”.
Lance shook his head “No, I should have done something it is not your fault Tamera”.
Tamera walked over to Lance and then sat next to him, under the tree the clouds were starting to part their separate ways, creating a crystal blue sky abundant with peaceful whispers of the wind, kicking up the golden sand. As Tamera sat down the wind picked up making Tamera ’s red hair to fall gracefully in the wind.
“Lance for what its worth you tried your best that is an improvement from your days as the class clown.”
Tamera could not tell what
:iconfirecrystal1092:firecrystal1092 1 0
Keeping our love a secret chapter 14
A/ N : Sorry, I did not update in a long time, but Iam back to give you guys more Keeping our love a secret! Let me know how I did on this chapter and what I could improve on and remember to review. Everytime I get a new review it makes me happy hope you like this chapter.
Disclaimer: I do not own anything exept Day, Collector, and Z
Keeping our love a secret chapter 14: The sound of Madness
Collector glared at the man, as he pulled out his twin blades getting into battle stance, he spat on the ground and charged up his blades and ran up to the man. But, he dodged Collector's attack and chucked his needles at one of Collector's pressure points near his hand, causing him to drop one of his blades and stumble over in pain and breathe heavily. He tried to use his powers to mask the pain but, it was no use the more power he used the more pain he experienced.
The man let out a chilling laugh, that made Stio
:iconfirecrystal1092:firecrystal1092 6 0
Mature content
Trembling Hands :iconshehrozeameen:shehrozeameen 6 32
Song Of The Cicada
crawling, digging
dark oppressive earth
eating bitter roots
soil dry, sometimes wet
for two years
these unseen
are my home
suddenly, light
I have come
to the surface
for reasons I don't know
wind, I have never felt
out of instinct
I climb
higher than I have ever been
body freezes
clinging to the bark
I leave my body behind
soft, quivering
I leave my old shell
so strange
this new body of mine
slowly, waiting
my body hardens
I flex
my fragile wings
flying, searching
I sing for the others
I know are there
listening, hearing
what I want
to find
I go to him
finding another
just like me
different colors
instinct, mating
all is instinct
growing weak
looking, finding
soil that is moist
I land
and lay my eggs
flying, falling
strength is leaving
I fall
to the hard earth
many changes
I have seen
my short life
from the dirt, to the sky
:iconwolfenwind:wolfenwind 3 5
Good bye Nicole
You suck the ocean dry
An all the oxygen in the sky
You think it is all for you
Selfish til the end sad but true
I really liked you and your smile
For a time I thought my effort was worthwhile
But I was just plan B
I never opened my eyes to see
Every time I kissed you good night
It was the final moment of delight
I truly cared about you
The love was there the feelings were true
Seems like all my effort was a waste
Leaving me with a sour after taste
In your mind I never had a chance
To be with you feeling the magic of romance
You broke my heart
Time after time you ripped me apart
I wasn't after you for sex or lust
Things that lack true emotion vanish like dust
Several months ago I set my eyes on you
Hoping that someday you would feel that way too
Sadly I was mistaken and wrong
This is what I feared all along
This pain and agony is getting to me
Doing heavy damage mentally
I can't even be her friend
No more opinions or care to lend
I'm in shock
As I gaze at my computer and my clock
Ni ma
:iconsir-writes-a-lot:Sir-Writes-a-lot 1 6
I Am
I am the vagabond
Writing secrets on the wall.
I am the gambler
Waiting on the house of cards to fall.
I am the artist
Sitting—uninspired—in the dark.
I am the watchdog
Growing fat without his bark.
I am the writer
Fingers frozen on the keys.
I am the imperfect one
Longing only to please.
I am the broken heart
Bleeding long into the night.
I am the wrong-doer
Seeking to set things right.
I am the regretful one,
Wondering where it all went wrong.
I am the songwriter
Looking for his perfect song.
I am the poem
I am the hymn
I am the words
I am the task
I am the plea
I am.
:iconwhimsical-realist:Whimsical-Realist 6 12


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